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Has Apple Moved From China to Vietnam Under Trump Pressure? Now No More “Assembled in China”


  • Apple moved from China to Vietnam by stiff trade deals between U.S. and China
  • ‘Assembled in Vietnam’ message on AirPods charging cases
  • India is expecting 1000 USA companies to move to India

Apple moved from China to Vietnam for some of AirPods Pro manufacturing.

Apparently, Vietnam emerges as winner in the health war against Covid-19.

There is no deaths recorded in the Southeast Asian country, Vietnam with total 324 cases.

It is already recognized internationally for its management. In fact, there are supposition that the country could also be hero in the pandemic.

According to Twitter user post, Latest AirPods Pro contain a message on the back of the case that says the device assembled in China.

According to reports, Apple Starting from this quarter began producing 3-4 million units that is about 30% AirPods in Vietnam from China in April.

This is a sign that the US giant is relocating some of its supply chains away from China.

While China still remains the majority of manufacturing base for Apple. This is companies strategy to diversifying its manufacturing.

Due to two most important scenarios comprising COVID-19 pandemic as well as the ongoing trade war between the US and China.

Also its noted that many of Apple’s suppliers, including Foxconn and Pegatron are also expanding operations in Vietnam.

Inventec, an AirPods assembler, is reportedly building a plant in Vietnam.

Apart from Vietnam, the company has also been looking to other countries, like India, last October, where many iPhone XRs were assembled.

Is Apple Moved From China to Vietnam in Pressure by Trump Administration?

US President Donald Trump claiming that the virus originated in a Wuhan biological lab rather than a wet market.

Earlier this month, Trump told Fox News that “we could cut off the whole relationship”

Reports also suggest that the Trump administration is working to create a new alliance of trusted partners to actualize decoupling from China. known as the “Economic Prosperity Network”   

There has been reports that Trump’s administration put pressure on Apple CEO Tim Cook’s for influencing him to move production  from China.

While, it is uncertain how much this action will be beneficial for USA.

As China has around 800 million manufacturing workers, whereas Vietnam has just 55 million. In 2017, Dodwell noted, China’s share of global manufacturing output was over 28% while Vietnam’s was just 0.27%.

India is seeking to lure U.S. businesses, including medical devices giant Abbott Laboratories, to relocate from China as President Donald Trump’s administration.

The government in April reached out to more than 1,000 companies in the U.S.

Through overseas missions to offer incentives for manufacturers seeking to move out of China according to Indian officials who asked not to be identified, citing rules on speaking with the media.

India is prioritizing medical equipment suppliers, food processing units, textiles, leather and auto part makers among more than 550 products covered in the discussions, they said.

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