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Is CoronaVirus an airborne disease? Are Airpurifiers effective during Corona spread

Coronavirus has created a panic among the citizens of the country and around the world and it indeed is a panic. There are more than 3,81,761 confirmed cases of Corona around the world and around 16,558 deaths have been reported due to pandemic and the number is increasing rapidly.

While the virus still remains an epidemic in India, the total number of affected cases have reportedly crossed 500. All domestic flights, buses and trains have been reportedly put to a hault across India. The entire country is under a lockdown as of now as the Modi Government along with State Government are doing every effort that can be done to prevent the spread of the virus in the country.

Honorable PM is making various appeals to the citizens to stay at home as prevention is only the way out as of now to stay safe.

While WHO has considered “Airborne Precautions” for medical staff after a recent study claims that the virus can survive in air, it becomes a question if Air Purifiers are effective during this time and can be of any help. Let us understand: Are Airpurifiers effective during Coronavirus?

A recent news article even claims that coronavirus survived in Princess Cruise Ship cabins for upto 17 days after passengers left. The virus was identified on a variety of surfaces in cabins of both symptomatic and asymptomatic inftected passengers 17 days after the passengers left. To read this article, Click Here.

The virus is transmitted through droplets, or little bits of liquid, mostly through sneezing or coughing, Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, head of WHO’s emergin diseases and zoonosis unit, told reporters during a virtual news conference on Monday. “When you do an aerosol-generating procedure like in a medical care facility, you have the possibility to what we call aerosolize these particles, which means they can stay in the air a little bit longer.”

She added: “It’s very important that health-care workers take additional precautions when they’re working on patients and doing those procedures.”

Are airpurifiers effective during coronavirus

Are Airpurifiers effective during CoronaVirus?: What is an Airpurifier?

Airpurifiers are a device used to remove contaminants from the air to remove the overall air quality. There are different categories of air purifiers available in the market that as per their specifications can trap contaminants in the air like dust, mold spores, odors, toxins and certain other contaminants.

An indoor air purifer normally starts at around Rs. 5,000 and goes all upto Rs. 1,00,000 depending upon the brand and the specifications. They contain various types of filters that trap contaminants in them.

Are Airpurifiers effective during CoronaVirus??: Different types of Air Purifiers

There are different types of air purifiers out in the market that you can buy. A HEPA Air Purifier will trap upto 99.97% of airborne particles and the technology inside it won’t allow bacteria and viruses to multiply in the filters and spread. The same should be bought after a thorough research as there are some companies who claim to have a HEPA Filter but give a HEPA Blend Filter. Also available is an Ozone Air Purifier that is effective at mostly trapping odors and is mostly used by hotels to trap smoke from smoking zones and smoking rooms and an Activated Carbon Air purifier which is very effective at trapping chemicals, odors and gases. 

Are Airpurifiers effective during CoronaVirus?: Factors to be considered while buying an Airpurifer

If you are searching for an air purifier and planning to buy the same, you must consider certain factors before buying one. Energy Consumption, life span of the filters, filter changing costs, ozone emissions, Noise levels, Clean Air Delivery rate and CFM are the factors that must be considered while buying an air purifer. 

True HEPA Air purifiers seem to be an ideal option that can be bought. A PECO filter must also be considered in air purifier but it seems the Indian Air purifier market has not got one yet.

You can check out various air purifiers available to buy here.

Are Airpurifiers effective during CoronaVirus?: The Final Verdict

Since COVID-19 is now considered to be airborne disease so one might think that Airpurifers will be effective in this case, however its not as simple as it seems. 

An airpurifer can trap dust particles and other contaminants from the air but a standard air purifer with a HEPA filter can not capture and destroy something as small as a virus. Even if it captures a virus, the virus will survive for sometime in it. 

However a PECO filter makes a limited difference to it but still it won’t make much of a difference since the Virus is now believed to live on surfaces for an extended period of time.

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