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COVID-19: Government launches first of its kind Corona Kavach App with Location Tracking

Coronavirus has been spreading rapidly worldwide with US being topping the list of the most affected countries followed by Italy and China. As of now, there are 5,97,267 cases of the pandemic worldwide with 27,365 deaths. 

India on Friday recorded the highest number of CoronaVirus cases so far in a single day taking the total number of affected cases to 873 with Maharashtra being the most affected state. According to the health ministry, a total number of 19 deaths have been reported due to the virus. 

Indian Government is working hard to prevent the spread of CoronaVirus in India and has already imposed a 21 day nationwide lockdown upto 14th April. Now taking the further initiative, Government has come up with one of its kind Corona Kavach App. The app is yet in beta testing stage but can be downloaded from the PlayStore and is available only for Android users at the moment.

The app has been released by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) in association with the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs. The official description of the app mentions that it has been made in public interest to capture the COVID-19 outbreak in India. Additional features to track breathing capacity and a survey form to keep a self check have also been added to the App.

Our team has been continusely testing the app since yesterday and the app crashed several times during testing as it is still in beta testing stage. 

It however took us several attempts before we could successfully get an OTP for verification.

How to use the Corona Kavach App

1. Download the app by clicking on the below link (Only for Android Users):

Corona Kavach App Download

2. Open the App and the app shows the start screen and the developer details.

3. Some of the basic screens are shown giving us a few information about the App after which the app asks for various user permissions. Grant all permissions to allow the app to function accurately.

4. After this, the App asks for your contact no. for registration. An OTP on the provided contact number is sent. Fill the OTP (Since the App is in beta testing stage, it took us several attempts to sucessfuly get an OTP)

5. After the registration is completed, the homepage shows us some of the stats about the total number of infected cases, the total number of deaths and the people already cured.

6. A questionnaire can also be filled by going into the menu for a self assessment test after which a user is sorted into green, orange, yellow and red categories

7. Click on the Corona Kavach logo to allow the app to start detecting your location and a one-hour countdown will begin to check your location and your surroundings. 

8. In case there is someone infected in our surroundings, the App will immediately issue an alert. 

Whenever you go out of your house, remember to click on the Corona Kavach logo in the App to allow the app to check for your surroundings for the next one hour. 

However our team at Tech2Auto IN encourages all its readers and the general public to stay indoors except for an extreme emergency and practice social distancing.

The basic purpose behind the Government creating this app is to make the maximum public install this app and for this to be done it will require a great amount of cooperation from the public. 

The App basically sorts out its users in different categories based on the test- code green is given for all fine, orange is given to see a doctor, yellow is given to quarantine users and red for infected users.

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