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COVID-19 Impact: Global Economy gets deeply affected

The Covid-19 virus is spreading rapidly and going global. Virus originated in China and spread exponentially affecting 163 countries and territories around the world. After China with 80881 cases Italy is clearly on pandemic situation with total  31506 cases , 2503 deaths and continue losing momentum. Apparently, Italy is most affected COVID-19 European country while rapidly spreading across Europe. As the virus spreads in India, a total number of 137 cases have been confirmed so far. But fear to epidemic is very much in second most populated country as news of more and more people getting affected is coming almost every hour.


Apart from 196749 cases,7,927 Deaths and Recovered 81,683, COVID-19 reacted strongly last week to world economy as well and it could lead to recession in China, U.S., European cities and Japan.

Economist predicts virus probably cost economy $2 trillion this year.

COVID-19 Impact: Global Economy gets deeply affected

Countries Authority includes China, Italy, US, some Asian countries , India taking emergency containment measures to outbreak Covid-19 and announced nationwide lock down to restrict all unnecessary business, Closing bars, restaurants , schools, public places , avoid large gatherings , stop socializing. Apart from food stores , chemist , necessary stores remain open. 

Nationwide lock downs improving the condition and world’s air , water quality.

The virus even hit the Indian stock market deeply and market experienced a Blood Bath in the previous days which was then rectified by preventive Government policies planned by SEBI.

So far at the time of writing this post, there is no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. However we can prevent the spread of Covid-19 with a few preventive steps:-

  • Clean hands very often
  •  Avoid close contact with people
  • Stay home if you are sick
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue when you sneeze or use the inside of elbow.
  • Wearing a facemask
  • Using sanitizers and cleaning agents very often. If you are’nt getting a sanitizer, you can make one easily by simple ingredients at home. Read this to know more.



  1. Indian Govt has taken really good steps to overcome the coronavirus, everyone is appreciating this . We ourselves can prevent from spreading this by maintaining our personal hygiene.
    As far as our economy is concerned, stock market has reached to the extremely lower points. Sensex today reached to 27030 and Nifty to 7943 which is last 3years breakdown.
    Its better to shut down the stock market in India for at least next 2 weeks so as to save our economy and wealth destruction.

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