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COVID-19 Helpdesk Flooded by 1.7 Crore Users- We Tell you the Easy Way Out


  • WhatsApp chatbot COVID-19 Helpdesk launched on March 20 with aim to spread COVID-19 awareness.
  • MyGov COVID-19 Helpdesk flooded by 1.7 Crore in 10 days
  • WhatsApp COVID-19 Helpdesk supports both Hindi and English

The Indian Government launched MyGov COVID-19 Helpdesk with an aim to spread COVID-19 awareness, to eradicate fake news and provide verified information by using an AI-based chatbot that could answer your queries regarding the Novel virus. The chatbot was created by Reliance Jio-backed Haptik Technologies. Government recently expanded MyGov COVID-19 newsdesk on telegram and COVID-19 helpdesk on Facebook. COVID-19 Helpdesk supports only English at the time of launch while later on Hindi is added to expand the support


The user base expanded to over 1.7 crore users along with total conversations hitting the milestone of 2.5 crore on March 30, says Reliance Jio-backed Haptik Technologies, the company that developed the chatbot. The COVID-19 Helpdesk usage got doubled after PM Narender Modi announced its existence on March 25.

While the sudden rise in numbers of users made it very difficult to handle the traffic for haptik and whatsapp. As per Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder and CEO, Haptik , “We, both Haptik and WhatsApp, weren’t prepared to handle the kind of scale that suddenly we got hit with.” After development team make various changing on technologies, “Now we can scale up even further,” said Vaish emphatically. “So now, we’re getting a million and a half to two million (15 to 20 lakh) users a day. We can easily scale this up to 10-15 million (1-1.5 crore) users a day also.”

MyGov COVID-19 Helpdesk WhatsApp Chatbot


You can access WhatsApp Chatbot by texting ‘Namaste’ to 9013151515. You can get information on COVID-19 symptoms, professional advice from AIIMS-Director,and more. You can also share the information by copying or forward the message.

Reliance Jio also launched a coronavirus symptom checker tool that can be accessed by Jio users via the MyJio app on Android and iPhones. To Read more details: Jio Launches COVID-19 Symptom Checker Tool for You

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