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COVID-19: How to disinfect your gadgets?

How to disinfect your phone?

COVID-19 virus is rapidly spreading in the country and infecting many persons around the country. Latest data shows that there are 341 confirmed cases so far and it is expected to increase further as more and more people tests positive. At this point of time, a major question that might be in the minds of many persons reading this post is: Are our gadgets safe? No Not. It is believed that Corona Virus can stay upto 3 days on a surface and for two weeks in a human body.

Answer to the above:- No they are not. Go and Sanitize them.

But how to disinfect your gadgets with products available at home?

Read this post to get answer to the above question.

How to disinfect a phone?- Gather some basic things

Mobile phone screens are the places where most of the viruses and bacteria grows as it is the thing we use the most often these days. We rely heavily on our mobile phones to carry all our daily tasks whether it be using it to call or message someone or browsing the internet or staying socially active through it. 

The way we try to maintain our personal hygiene, the same way we should try to keep our gadgets hygienic and free from dust, bacteria and viruses. 

To start with search for a basic bottle of glass cleaner that has Isopropyl Alcohol in it, a cotton swab and search for a cleaning cloth like the one supplied with your spectacles, a microfibre or a clean cotton cloth if first two are’nt available. You can even buy a Screen Cleaning Kit if you are serious about maintaining the hygiene of your gadgets. It won’t cost you much.

MIN Cream is also a great gadget cleaning agent, however it is not so easily available in the market. If you can get one, its the best and cheapest gadget cleaning agent.

Also mobile shops use Ultravoilet rays to disinfect a mobile phone which might be effective but not as the traditional method that will be explained below.

MIN Cream

How to disinfect a phone?- Lets Begin

Switch off the gadget you are going to clean and remove batteries if removable. Also remove covers if any on the device. 

To begin with first test the liquid agent you are using on a hidden area of your mobile phone so as to check it must not cause any damage to that area. Always remember not to spray the liquid on your device directly, spray it mildly on the cloth and then wipe off your device.

To start with first start with the back of your gadget, spray a puff of the cleaning agent on the cloth you are using and begin wiping the phone in circular motions. After wiping the back of your gadget, come to the front and begin with the screen and again spray the liquid on a different part of your cloth and clean the screen in circular motion. After cleaning the entire device in circular motion wipe the entire phone.

How to disinfect a phone?- Clean Minute Areas

A cotton bud is a thing which is available in every home. Use it to clean the mobile phone jacks, Speaker area, mic area and the receiver area. 

After cleaning the same, you may again follow the above steps to remove any dust on the phone and swipe up the entire gadget again to assure it is completely sanitized.

How to disinfect a phone?- Clean the covers

So after we have sanitized our device completely, now its time to sanitize our covers as it is also a place where most of the viruses and bacterias live. 

If you have got a washable cover, please wash it entirely however if your cover is’nt washable you are advised to use the same liquid cleaning agent and clean the cover of any dust or contaminants.

Remember to Check the cleaning agent on a hidden area of the cover first before cleaning the entire cover.

Important: Gadget Covers should be changed every three months if they are not washable to keep your gadget new and safe. To buy a new mobile cover, check out this.

Final Step on How to Clean a Phone?

Your device is now cleaned and sanitized, however remember to leave it for air drying for atleast 15 minutes before you insert any batteries into it. Also after the device is completely dry only then add the cover to it to prevent any moisture from accumulating inside the device.

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