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COVID-19: Here’s Why You Should’nt Even Go for Grocery Shopping during Lockdown

Read This Completely Before Going to Grocery Shopping during Lockdown

COVID-19 is a disease caused by an infectious new virus known as the Coronavirus. The virus which spread from China in December, 2019 has left the entire world to suffer from it. The virus was first found in Wuhan, China. So far a total number of 17,03,890 cases have been identified along with 1,02,897 deaths being reported around the world.

The first case of Coronavirus was reported in India on 30th January, 2020 and since then the virus has infected more than 7600 persons in our country. The total number of deaths currently reported stand at around 250 in the country.

At this time, Government is making every possible effort to curb the virus at the earliest to prevent its community spread. Our Honorable PM announced a 21 day lockdown upto 14th April which is being further extended by many states seeing the current situation.

At this time of lockdown, many of us are unwillingly forced to go outside to fulfill our daily needs including buying groceries, medicines and other essential goods for our daily needs.

While our local authorities are doing every possible effort to make available all essential commodities at our home though home deliveries, we still tend to go out.

The next time you are planning to go out, Remember this video that illustrates how Coronavirus can spread very easily through grocery shopping during lockdown or through any other place which is enclosed. The video that was first shared by YouTube channel of Aalto University illustrates through a simulation how easily the COVID-19 virus can spread though air contact in an enclosed space such as a Grocery shop or an enclosed medicine store.

The video description says “In the 3D model, a person coughs in a Corridor bounded by shelves under representative indoor ventilation air flow conditions.” The video has been seen more than 1.8 million times in the last 24 hours.

The Corona Virus mainly spreads through droplets generated when an infected person coughs or sneezes. You can be infected by the virus even if you are 1-2 meters away from an infected person. Many facts about the COVID-19 is currently unknown and researches are still banging their heads against the wall to understand the virus completely.

Alternates to Going Out for Grocery Shopping during Lockdown

Online Delivery Platforms like Zomato and Swiggy have started home delivery of groceries and other essential food items like milk and curd. For the big cities, Amazon Pantry and Flipkart Pantry services are also available. Everyone must understand that their entire efforts of staying inside will go completely waste even if they are going out for grocery shopping and not using home delivery apps for buying essential goods.

These apps offer Contactless delivery options where their delivery boy will keep the goods outside your home on a clean surface to avoid any type of contact. Also you can wash these items with a soap before using them.

For people who rely on local grocery shops, many local apps in almost every city have been started which provide directly delivery through the preferred shop. 

So far, no vaccine to cure the virus is available and the only way to stay safe from the virus is to stay at home along with your entire family and practice social distancing.

People involved in essential services like doctors, police force, ambulance drivers are doing so much efforts for us so why let their efforts go waste by stepping out of our homes.

As of now, it seems the World would never be the same again as it used to be before the Lockdown.

We at Tech2Auto IN request with folded hands to all our readers to stay indoors and stay safe at home.


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