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Xiaomi introduces Mi Smart Home Robotic Cleaner to Help You do Your Household Chores

Mi has introduced a new smart home cleaning solution in the country. The new product from Chinese techgiant is a Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner priced so affordable that everyone of us can buy.

To make the price even more attractive, Xiaomi is currently offering a flat Rs. 7000/- discount on the new Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner.

Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: What Is It?

A home robotic vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner that works on an auto-pilot mode that means you just need to instruct it and it will clean the entire house for you. These vacuum cleaners come with a variety of features and some of them get wet mopping capabilities along with the regular sweeping tasks.

These kind of home robotic vacuum cleaners are becoming very popular in India seeing the shortage of domestic help in the country. The cleaning capabilities of these kind of smart home products are way better than the domestic help since they go to every nook and corner in the house and make it shine like new.

The first company to offer such home robotic vacuum cleaner solutions in the country was Milagrow and I have myself been continuously using Milagrow Cleaning Robots for almost five years now and pretty satisfied with the kind of cleaning job it does.

Globally this home robotic vacuum cleaner concept was made popular by iRobot however the solutions they offer are expensive and difficult to maintain due to their lack of service support in India.

Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

Mi has unveiled a smart home robotic vacuum cleaner in India yesterday. The new product from Xiaomi is introduced as a crowdfunding product which means you won’t be able to get your hands on the new product before September this year. 

The special price is only applicable if you pre-order the product under crowdfunding model and once officially launched, the product prices would increase and the special discount of Rs. 7000 won’t be applicable at all.

Mi is also offering EMI options on the Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner booked during crowdfunding campaign. A 6-month Interest free EMI option has been provided to all interested buyers which means by the time you’ll be fully paying your EMIs, the product will be in your hands.

Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Features

Mi Home Robotic vacuum cleaner from Xiaomi comes with features like 2 in 1 sweeping and mopping function, Intelligent Route Mapping, Automatic Charging and Smart App control. It features LDS Laser Navigation System to navigate and identify objects in close proximity in the place without causing any harm to furniture and other objects. 

Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Xiaomi

The smart robot can be paired to Mi Home App through which you can give commands to the robot. The robot can be set on sweeping and mopping mode together or only sweeping/mopping mode as per preference. It comes with 12 high precision sensors which help to map the cleaning space properly and protect the robot from from colliding with an object or falling off the stairs. On the inside, the robot gets a brushless motor with 2100Pa suction. Xiaomi claims that the robot has a battery backup of around 130 minutes.

The Robot comes with a Smart Electronically Controlled water tank which has got three water dispensing modes for you to choose depending on the kind of floor you want to clean. This has not been seen yet in other robots present in the Indian AI space at such an affordable price tag.

Xiaomi Home Cleaning Robot Water tank

The robot has got three cleaning modes- Real Time Mapping (Works on the Stored Map), Zone Cleaning, Spot Cleaning and the cleaning modes can also be scheduled to a specific time. 

Just like all the competitor cleaning robots available in the market, this robot also gets an Automatic recharging feature that makes the robot to go to its charging dock automatically once the battery gets to a certain low level. 

You can also set up virtual walls through the Mi Home App meaning you can exclude some specific places to avoid the robot from going into those places.

Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Availability

Xiaomi has launched the Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner under crowdfunding model meaning it will first collect money from you for the same and then start manufacturing it. Its however not the first time that Xiaomi has chosen such a model for its product launch. Xiaomi has earlier adapted the crowdfunding model for Mi Smart Desk Lamp, Mi-Motion Activated Night Light, Mi Smart Tooth Brush and few other products.

Xiaomi will start shipping the new robotic vacuum cleaner to people who pay during the crowdfunding model starting September 15 this year. 

You can head on to the Offical Website of Mi and Click on Support Now to pre-book your robot.

Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Price

The new Robotic Vacuum- Mi Robot Vacuum-Mop P has been introduced at a price of Rs. 17,999. The price is however applicable just for crowdfunding period and Xiaomi will change the price to Rs. 24,999 at the time of public launch of the product. That gives you a chance to avail an exciting discount of Rs. 7000 for booking the same during crowdfunding period. 

Also Xiaomi has provided an Interest Free 6 month EMI option for people who book the product during this period.

However if you need a product like this immediately and don’t want to wait, you can head to Milagrow’s Official Website or try iRobot as both are reliable brands and can be trusted on to get a Robotic Cleaner in India.

Mi Home Robotic Vacuum Cleaner: Should You Buy This?

If you ask me, Should you buy a Smart Home Robot for your home or rather say Invest in One?- I would definitely say “YES”. I have been personally using Smart Home Robots from Milagrow for a long time and have been pretty satisfied with it. I have been using One Robot for my Home and One for my Office and it has simplified cleaning for us to a great extent. However if you say it eliminates the need of a maid at your home, it does not. However for offices with upto 10 persons, its the perfect cleaning solution.

Milagrow has even provided me with a very good after sales support for the product so far including regular maintenance visits by their trained experts at my place.

The only human intervention involved with this kind of robots is the need to fill its water tank and give it the cleaning command and after sometime you’ll see it do the magic on your floors.

So are you getting this “New Kaamwaali Bai from Xiaomi?”

Tell us in the comments below.

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