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COVID-19: How to disinfect a Car?

How to disinfect a car: A question that most of us have in mind at the time COVID-19 is being widely spread in our country. Covid-19 or as we all call it Corona Virus is widely spreading in the country and Government is taking every measure to control it. A recent update confirms that the total number of Corona Virus cases have crossed 300 mark in India. 

A Janta Curfew has already been announced today by our Honorable Prime Minister to control the situation. Every one reading this post is advised to support the move by our Honorable PM as it is for our own safety and the safety of people around us.

No vaccine is currently available to control this wide spread pandemic in any part of the word, while Scientists all over the world are working on finding one. At this time, the only possible cure to the pandemic is to:

“Stay Home, Be Safe”

Various state level governments including Maharashtra have ordered a complete lockdown to cope with the current situation till 31st March and it may be further extended if the situation does not come under control. Disinfecting our vehicles is equally important in the current situation, so lets know How to Disinfect a Car at home.

Quick Guide on How to sanitize your vehicle at home

How to Disinfect a Car: Need of the Hour

While people around the country are doing every possible effort to safeguard themselves from the widespread virus including washing hands at regular intervals, it is important to disinfect and sanitize our own personal space also as our cars go at various places and come in contact with various persons while on the road. 

Public transport has been shut down in various parts of the country as it is very easy for virus to stay in the vehicle and cause infection to masses but what about our own own personal space we spend most of the time in while travelling. Why not to get rid of it?

While visiting a professional or a car wash centre seems to be the only possible thing that comes in your mind when we think of sanitizing our vehicle, the same option can not be availed as even the services of car washers have been shut down at this moment and it is not at all advisable to visit a car wash professional for the same to maintain distancing.

How to Disinfect a Car: Can this be Done at home?

Well Yes, a car can be disinfected at our homes without the requirement of an expert or any expert tools. It can be done with the help of some basic equipments and things that we have at every home. A detailed procedure on how to proceed step by step on disinfecting a vehicle has been explained as you move further in reading this post.

Quick-Start Guide on How to disinfect a Car: Lets Begin

As its a popular saying “Precaution is better than cure”, so lets begin with our precautionary measure first. Washing our hands before and after we drive our vehicle is biggest precaution that can be followed to keep our personal space disinfected. Also a tissue box in our vehicle can also be of great help along with a bottle of instant hand sanitizer.

Before we begin sanitizing our vehicle, we must first exercise personal safety since if the vehicle is already infected and carries a virus there comes a high risk of getting affected. Wear a Mask along with a piece of gloves to proceed with.

How to disinfect a Car: Start with Interiors

Interior is the most important place when it comes to disinfecting our vehicle. To start with clean the interiors with a vacuum cleaner however if you do not have a vacuum cleaner available at home, you can also manually dust off all the interior surfaces including dashboard, side panels, car seats, steering wheel and the centre console. 

Go to every corner with your cloth and give it a dusting at first instance however a vacuum cleaner can ease the entire process so prefer one if available.

After the process of dust removal is completed, note out some of the major areas of the interior that you come in contact with the most like your Stereo system, gear knobs, Steering wheel or the handbrake and begin sanitizing them first. 

A Colin or any glass cleaner with Isopropyl can be chosen as the most effective sanitizing equipment but it should be used carefully. Do not spray it directly on the panels or other surfaces as it may cause a harm to them. Spray it on a cloth and then wipe the surface with the cloth by changing the cloth sides frequently. 

Important Advisory: Before using any Interior cleaners, it is generally advised to test it on some hidden interior surface as to see it does not cause any harm to the vehicle.

Some car care brands even offer Interior Dashboard cleaning solutions like Formula 1 and 3M. If you have them at home, you can use them too and they would be much more effective any way.

How to disinfect a Car: Lets disinfect further

So once we are done with the dashboard and panels, we may now proceed with disinfecting the seats. Fabric and leather seats can be easily cleaned with home with the help of a sponge and a mild shampoo solution. Take 10 ml of shampoo and mix it up with 200 ml of water and it will give you a nice soapy solution to clean your seats. 

Put it on a piece of foam and it will act as an Icing on the cake. Rub the piece of foam on the seats in a circular motion but never be too harsh if its specially a leather seat. 

Alternatively upholstery cleaner products from Armor and 3M are very effective for seat cleaning. Dry up the seats with a wet vacuum however if you do not have one at home it will naturally dry in some time. If you wish to buy one, you can Clicking Here. Its not at all an Expensive product if you are serious with the proper cleaning of your vehicle.

Final Step on How to Disinfect a Car- Your Car is now sanitized

Air conditioning system of the vehicle is the place where most of the bacteria and viruses live and grow at a rapid speed, so without cleaning it, the vehicle can not be sanitized completely. To proceed with the same, you need to consult a professional however the same can be done at home if one has a disinfectant spray like the one from Dettol or a professional Air Conditioner Cleaner Product like a 3M AC Disinfectant. It can be bought by Clicking Here.

Also it is advisable not to hand your car to valets and maintain safe distance while refueling. Also opt for wallet payment options at fuel pumps like PayTM where you do not have to hand over cash or card to the pump operator.

Stay Safe, Stay Indoors as much possible.

Sanitise your car at home

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