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COVID-19: How to maintain your vehicle during Lockdown

How to maintain your vehicle during Lockdown?

While the country experiences a 21 day lockdown due to the Corona Virus spread, our vehicles are sadly lying stranded in our garages. The entire country has been lockdown upto 14th April which might be further extended if the situation does not come under control. 

When a vehicle remains idle in the garage, it requires some extra care than the usual care we give to our vehicles. To ensure our vehicles remain in perfect condition when the lockdown opens we need to do a few things. Here we give you few tips to maintain your vehicle and keep them in perfect condition

How to maintain your vehicle: Do not engage the handbrake

If handbrakes are engaged for a long time in a stranded vehicle, it can jam the brakes of the vehicle. The easiest solution to this is to engage the gear of the vehicle or if your vehicle comes with an Automatic transmission put it in “Park” mode. Also place some stones to choke the wheels from moving during the time the vehicle is parked as a preventive measure. 

car parked in garage

Automobile manufacturers advise to keep the vehicles engaged in reverse gear if the vehicle is parked on a downward slope and in first gear if parked on an upward slope. Also remember, if the vehicle is parked on the same spot for more than a week, move the vehicle forward or backward slightly to avoid flat spot on tyres.

How to maintain your vehicle: Taking care of the battery

Car batteries tend to get completely discharged if the vehicle is left lying idle in garage for a long time and a period of 21 days is enough for it to make it discharge. Start your vehicle once ever 3 days and keep it running for atleast 15 minutes to allow the battery to remain charged. 

If doing that is not possible, disconnect the battery from the vehicle to prevent it from discharging. To know how to remove a battery from a car, you can check the below video.

How to maintain your vehicle: Exterior Care

The most effective way of preserving your vehicle exterior if it is lying stranded for a long time is to put a vehicle exterior cover. However if you do not have a cover made for your vehicle currently at home, prefer keeping your vehicle parked under a shade to preserve its exterior.

protecting the car exterior

The vehicle must be watched atleast once a week with a car shampoo, a bucket of water and a micro fibre cloth. However if you are an enthusiast this time would be perfect for waxing the complete exterior of the vehicle and maintaining its original look.

How to maintain your vehicle: Interior Care

During this time, keeping the vehicle’s interior clean is also an important aspect to prevent foul odors from accumulating in the vehicle as there will be no ventilation in the vehicle.

Cleaning car interiors

If you have a vacuum cleaner at home, vacuum your vehicle atleast once a week to remove all dust piled up on the dashboard and other parts of the car. Also remove any food particles, wrappers or non required things in the vehicle. Cleaning the vehicle mats once during the entire lockdown period is also much recommended.

Important: Also remember to wash your hands before and after you clean your vehicle.

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