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COVID-19 Lockdown: 5 Reasons You Should Register for Suraksha Store Immediately

Aarogya Setu compliant Suraksha Store is a public private initiative to ensure that we can create a safe and secure environment for our consumers and shop owners at our Stores. A Suraksha Store is a store (kirana, pharmacy, consumer touchpoint) that follows 100 % Suraksha safety norms. These stores will be educated and demonstrated to follow Suraksha safety norms.

There are a certain number of benefits of an Aarogya Setu Compliant Suraksha Store:

  • Gain Customer Confidence- By becoming an Aarogya Setu Compliant Suraksha Store, you will be able to gain your customer confidence as your customer won’t have to worry before visiting your store
  • Support Community Health- You need to display MHA Covid-19 guidelines in your premises that will help your customers and visitors to gain knowledge about the widespread disease.
  • Confidence of Staff- Your staff will have belief in you and will be ready to come back as your store will be safe for them to work.
  • Sustain your Business- You can continue doing your business and serving your customers during this lockdown.
  • Visibility in Aarogya Setu Mobile App- Your store will be shown in the Aarogya Setu Mobile app as a Suraksha store to nearby customers helping you increase your customer base.

To implement the plan in a proper manner, Government will take help of the Private Players to ensure all the safety norms are followed at every stage of the product cycle i.e. from Production to Transportation to Selling at Retail Stores.

Along with this, the Government has also plans to setup Suraksha Circles- a kind of wider model of the Suraksha Stores where big manufacturers will help their small partners and surrounding small factories to maintain safety at all levels of the product cycle.

Government launches Aarogya Setu- a Comprehensive COVID-19 App

How to Register for Suraksha Store

Total Duration of Process: 10 minutes

Visit the website: https://www.surakshastore.com

How it Works

To sign up for a Suraksha Store, you first need to visit the official suraksha store website. The website link is https://www.surakshastore.com , You can visit the website on mobile, laptop, desktop or your tablet.

Sign up for Suraksha Store Dialogue Box

official website for suraksha store

After you open the website, the landing page displays a Sign up for Suraksha Store dialogue box where you can fill in all your details like Owner name/ manager name, contact details, contact details of employees, your store type, store name. After entering these details, click on Get Certified Now. You can also select the language you are comfortable in from the drop down menu of available languages.

Go to your Message Inbox of your Registered Mobile Number

Thank You for signing up for Suraksha Program

After you Click on get Certified, you will be displayed a Thank You screen. A link for Suraksha Store training will be sent on your Registered Mobile number through SMS. Go to your SMS inbox and Click on the Link to start your Suraksha Training. After clicking on the link, you will be redirected to the Suraksha Training website where you need to click on Start Training Now !

Get Certified

Get Your Store Suraksha Certified

After you click on Start Training Now!, you will be redirected to a page that will display the certification courses you need to undergo but first you need to login by providing your mobile no., First name, last name and then a mobile OTP by Clicking on Get Certified. After you get the OTP, start with each lesson one by one. There are a total number of three lessons you need to study and after studying, you will be served with a quiz. Answer atleast 50% correct questions and you are good to go.

Your Store is now a Suraksha Store!

suraksha store guidelines

After you complete all the assignments and the evaluation tests, you will be served with a Suraksha Store Certificate which you can download in PDF format. Your store will also be show as a Suraksha Store in the Aarogya Setu App. However you need to comply with all the things a Suraksha Store should to keep your store compliant.

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