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How to Use Zoom App for Conducting Meetings, Webinars & Social Gatherings


  • Zoom is a popular Video Conferencing App
  • Available on Multiple Platforms including Android & iOS
  • Perfect Solution due to Social Gatherings during Lockdown

The entire world has been lock downed in their homes due to the widespread Corona Virus and Zoom App that has just went Public last year has become extremely popular during this lockdown. Almost everyone including seniors, kids and youth are now aware of this App. 

But many of us still have a fear in our mind if we will be able to use this app or not. Let us Quickly explain you How to Use Zoom App ?

Using the Zoom App for Attending Webinars

zoom app for attending webinars

Zoom App is being quickly adapted by everyone whether it be Schools, Private tution teachers or Gurus.

Schools are conducting classes over Zoom, Tution Teachers are teaching over Zoom and Dharam Gurus are giving their preachings and meditation sessions over this App.

However many of us are still stuck with this App and do not know how to attend a session over these apps.

This App is available on almost all popular platforms like Windows, MacOS, Android & iOS. Most of the times, the host conducting these sessions provide us with a Joining Link. Just click on the link and an App will be automatically downloaded (if you have’nt used it before) in your device, just follow the next steps and your session will be automatically connected. 

However for ease of use, it is preferred to open the Session Joining Link not more than 5 minutes before the start time of the Online Session.

A second way out is where we are provided with a Session ID of the session we are interested to join. If you are also provided with a Session ID, download the Zoom App for your device by Clicking Here.

After the App is installed in your device, open the App and Enter your session ID and provide all the permissions and you will be successfully connected and good to go.

How to Use Zoom App for Conducting Webinars, Meetings and Online Gatherings

Conducting Web Meetings over Zoom App

Zoom has become extremely popular in such a short span and completely replaced Skype when it comes to conducting online meetings, sessions or web gatherings. The App is very easy to use and for conducting a webinar, session or gathering, you just need to follow the simple steps below:

  1. Open Official Website of Zoom by Clicking Here.
  2. On the Top Right of the website, you will See a Button “Sign Up- Its Free”. Click on that button or Click Here.
  3. Enter your details including a valid e-Mail ID and you will receive an e-Mail confirmation link.
  4. Open Zoom’s e-Mail in your Mail account and click on Activate button. A new page will open confirming your account activation and ask your name and prompt you to set a password.
  5. Once done, you will be prompted to invite some of your contacts, Click on Skip This and you will be directed to a page with a Test meeting link. You can try running a test meeting before you conduct your first meeting.
  6. To successfully conduct your first meeting, Click on Schedule Meeting button and enter various details about the meeting including choosing Video On Options, Screen share, meeting timings, recording and other details as required.
  7. Click on Save and You will be provided with a meeting link and a session ID that you can share with your participants. When you want to start the meeting you can click on Start Meeting and you are good to go.

Note: You can also choose various options as per requirement like switching on video and audio of participants and recording your meeting.

Is Zoom Meeting free to Use?

If you are attending a session in which you are the participant, YES its absolutely free for you as the entire cost will be borne by your host if he is on a paid plan.

However if you are the host, you get a Basic Free Plan as Standard which includes unlimited meetings, 100 participants and a maximum timing limit of 40 minutes for the meeting. On the other hand if you are an educational institute, you can register yourself with Zoom as an educational institute and use the upgraded plans free of cost only during this lockdown period.

For everyone else who want to increase meeting time or participants, you can use any of the plans listed here as per requirement.


Do Not want to Show your Original Background during Zoom Meeting, Read This

Many of us here would also not want to show our original backgrounds while conducting or attending a Zoom Meeting. No worries, Zoom already has a solution in place for you.

Zoom App has a Virtual background option where we can upload our own images to be set as background.

Once you are in a meeting, you can click on More Tab and Select Virtual background.

If you are a host of a meeting, move to Settings in My Meetings section in your Zoom Account on a Desktop and select Virtual background option.


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