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Complete List of Shops Open During the Lockdown- Government Exempts Lockdown Restrictions

The Central Government on Friday allowed all registered shops to open from today. Here is the complete list of shops open during the lockdown. It includes shops in residential and market complexes outside municipal limits and also neighborhood shops and standalone shops, shops in residential complexes with in municipal limits. However, there are certain conditions:

  • Single and multi-brand malls not exempted from lockdown restriction so will not open
  • All inclusive shops have to resume work with a maximum of 50 per cent staff only
  • There are mandatory precautions such as wearing mask, social distancing should be strictly follow
  • Hotspots and containment areas will remain closed until further notice

This is as per latest order issued on April 15th by Home Affairs ministry undersigned by Union Home Secretary Ajay Bhalla. MHA announced on late Friday on Twitter, “#COVID19 update All registered shops regd under Shops & Establishment Act of respective States/ UTs, including shops in residential complexes, neighborhood & standalone shops exempted from #lockdown restrictions. Prohibited: Shops in single & multi brand malls”

Shops open

Home Ministry Affairs Press Release on Revised Lockdown Restriction

The MHA Press release also states that ” “In Sub-clause 1 (x), the term ‘shopping complexes’ is replaced with ‘market complexes within the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities,”

Also, sub-clause (xiii) & (xiv) under Clause 14 on commercial and private establishments allowed during lockdown would include “all shops registered under Shops Establishment Act of respective State/UT, shops in residential complexes and market complexes, except shops in and single brand and multi -brand malls, outside the limits of municipal corporations and municipalities, with 50% strength of workers with wearing of masks and social distancing being mandatory.
Also all shops, including neighborhood shops, standalone shops, shops in residential complexes within the limits of municipalities registered under the Shops and Establishrnent Act of the respective State/UT, except shops in market complexes and multi-brand and single-brand malls, with 50% strength of workers with wearing of masks and social distancing mandatory”

India will be COVID-19 Free Soon?

With the end of lockdown 2.0 picture is getting more clear in terms of COVID-19 situation in India.

Dr VK Paul, Chairman on Coronavirus Empowered Group-1, the data says that the number of coronavirus cases in India is likely to peak on April 29 and by the time lockdown is supposed to end, May 3, the curve would be bent. He added that the decision of imposing the lockdown was timely as without it the number of cases in India could have been more than 73,000, where now the figure stood around 23,000. 

Joint Secretary in the Health Ministry Lav Agarwal said that 15 districts in the country which earlier reported cases of the infection have not reported any fresh cases in the last 28 days. a total of 80 districts from 23 states and union territories have not reported any new cases since the last 14 days.

The Center claimed that if the current trend continues India will be able to bend the curve of novel COVID-19 before May 3 - the end of Lockdown 2.0. The good news is that India's recovery rate has reached 20.52 per cent and the mortality rate is limited to 3 per cent,

How Shops Open During the Lockdown affects the COVID-19 outbreak in India?

This unexpected decision leaves all Indians stunned. Undoubtedly, this action gives the sign of relief to people under lockdown since March 24th. Besides, poor people, small businessman, daily wage workers can be more relaxed with the exemptions. But with a question in mind “Is the decision taken by Indian Government is correct? especially, when at the moment there are total confirmed cases in India reaches to 23,452 and 723 deaths. It seems that it is with reference to PM Modi statement “Jaan bhi , Jahaan bhi”. Government has taken all precautionary measures and allowed to open shops with certain conditions. There is positive improvement on number of COVID-19 cases in Lockdown and few states confirmed free from COVID-19 as well. Government must have made decision to help daily wage workers, businessman and definitely it will improve the India economy as well. 

However, Netizens has been commenting all over stating views on Government action. Few feels that it could worsen the pandemic as people will not strictly follow the guidelines provided by Government. While, many praising the decision to open shops during Lockdown. 

Strict Guidelines provided by Central Government during shops exemption in Lockdown

As we all are very much aware that COVID-19 pandemic has been growing outrageously. But, by looking at certain factors government approved exemptions for list of shops. However, as a good Indian citizen we must adhere to the guidelines. We should wear mask, taking care of social distancing, download aarogya setu App, Should support and follow instruction provided by police and medical staff. Our safety is in our hand. Soon we will able to win over fight against COVID-19.

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