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Night Vision App: Best Way to Use Phone in The Dark


  • Night Vision App that allows your phone to see in complete darkness
  • ToF (Time of Flight) sensor's phone is required
  • Night Vision or ToF Viewer app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

In today’s era, Smartphone cameras get ahead with the time.

Here we’re not just talking about the quality of image that has been improving with every new phone in the market.

The war for megapixel  to built-in multi-sensor that give us access to super-wide, depth as well as macro shots cameras.

However, the quality over photography at night and low light areas are still raises a question?

Many camera sensors on latest phones are available but still haven’t delivered best result..

There is night vision app that allows your phone to use night vision, so that that you can easily seen even in high darkness.

How to Use Night Vision App on Your ToF Camera Phone

The key requirement is if your phone happens to have a ToF (Time of Flight) sensor.

Today’s time these sensors are equipped with mostly phones for various benefits.

That includes hardware-backed facial recognition in the phones relies on TOF. 

It also tracks the distance between two objects based on the constant speed of light. 

The data as well used to create virtual 3D models with depth data to render the surroundings as a night vision mode.

On some phones, this sensor is on the front and works by sensing faces in 3D to unlock devices.

For other, this sensor is on the rear and assists the main camera module with some pretty creative use-cases.

On few phones, you can find TOF sensor on the front which helps in 3D face recognition to unlock devices. Currently Galaxy S10 5G variant is using this technology.

On others, this sensor is on the rear and assists the main camera module.

Now, we’ll see how it will help us to have good quality photograph in night mode

Best Way for the Night Photography

A need for quality while taking pictures in night is increasing day by day. 

All you need is this app called TOF viewer for better quality in night shooting.

The night vision app currently works only with Huawei, Honor, and Samsung devices with the sensor

Night Vision is developed by Luboš Vonásek.

It uses your phone’s ToF to quite literally “see in the dark”.

The app’s interface essentially works like a camera that takes input from the sensor and gives you a low-resolution output.

Not the clearest views, but it does let you see enough to identify what is what in dark environments and may be handy in emergency situations.

According to Max Weinbach from XDA, this app provides a better range on Huawei and Honor devices with the sensor and better quality on Samsung devices.

You will get outputs of resolution 240 x 180 on most supported devices.

However, on some newer devices like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 + and the Galaxy S20+, the app can render surroundings in 320×240 resolution.

Where to Download Night Vision / ToF Viewer App

The Night Vision app can be downloaded right from the Google Play Store.

What is TOF Camera(Time of Flight) Sensor on Phone?

time-of-flight camera (ToF camera) is a range imaging camera system that employs time-of-flight techniques.

When the camera and the subject for each point of the image, by measuring the round trip time of an artificial light signal provided by a laser or an LED.

Laser-based time-of-flight cameras are part of a broader class of scannerless LIDAR.

In which the entire scene is captured with each laser pulse, as opposed to point-by-point with a laser beam such as in scanning LIDAR systems

Stay tuned to us for more information.

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