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PUBG Mobile: India loves playing the game but not spending in it

There’s a new report from Sensor Tower out which shows that India has claimed the top spot in terms of PUBG Mobile downloads. According to the report, 24 percent of all PUBG Mobile downloads or 175 million installs to date are from India. This helped the country cement the top spot. And it is followed by China with 16.7 percent of all downloads, while the U.S. ranks third with 6.4 percent. The total lifetime downloads for PUBG Mobile and Game For Peace combined is 734 million globally. Also Read – PUBG Mobile: Now another Punjab teen spends Rs 2 lakh in-game from his grandfather’s pension account

While India is top in terms of downloads, it is surprising that it is not even in the top three countries in terms of revenue. The revenue earned chart is topped by China where the game is branded as Game for Peace. The game earned $1.6 billion in lifetime player spending from China which is 52 percent of the total. In second place is United States with about 14 percent of revenue, while Japan is third with 5.6 percent. This shows that though Indians spend a lot of time playing the game, they don’t prefer spending money in it. Also Read – PUBG Mobile update 0.19.0 patch notes released

In 2020 alone, PUBG Mobile and Game for Peace accumulated $1.3 billion, with revenue peaking at a record $270 million in March during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdowns. The App Store makes up the largest share of revenue, and accounts for 79 percent of all player spending. Google Play Store, on the other hand, accounts for 21 percent of lifetime revenue. Also Read – PUBG Mobile: Punjab teenager spends Rs 16 lakh on in-game transactions

Call of Duty: Mobile overtakes PUBG Mobile with 250 million downloads

A previous report from Sensor Tower said that Call of Duty: Mobile has overtaken PUBG Mobile with most downloads in the first 265 days of launch. Call of Duty: Mobile stands with 250 million downloads during this time. While PUBG Mobile had 236 million, in comparison Fortnite only had 78 million.

To clarify, PUBG Mobile was developed and distributed by Tencent Games. While Call of Duty: Mobile is distributed by Activision-Blizzard and developed by Tencent Games’ Timi Studios. Fortnite is a complete venture from Epic Games, and Tencent Games has a small stake in that company as well. Call of Duty: Mobile was released back in October 1, 2019. And soon started racking up numbers in terms of downloads.

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