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PUBG Mobile Gets The Desert Fossil AKM – A New Upgradable Weapon is Now Available


  • PUBG Mobile new skin is part of the the new Miramar themed update
  • The Desert Fossil AKM is added last week to the game
  • A new Fission Demolisher Kar98K skin along with the Lieutenant Parsec UAZ, Flashbang, and backpack skin.

PUBG Mobile new update gets the upgradable weapon skin called the Desert Fossil AKM. 

This very new PUBG skin is based on Miramar themed update and added last week. 

Like many other skin styles, this new one has also three different styles. While, two of which can be unlocked.

This can be done as a part of the ‘lucky spin’ in the game which also has rewards like the Cardboard King set and the Stegosaurus Helmet.

A new event known as Model Soldier also added to PUBG Mobile. That altogether bring a new Mr fox set.

In this event, the highest priority rewards includes the Mr Fox Set along with the Mr Fox headgear. 

The method to get these two is after you complete the achievements mentioned in the event.

Once you have completed it, you will be rewarded with scissors. That you use to cut out different reward with points.

These points are accumulated and can be used to unlock these rewards.

How to Obtain The Desert Fossil AKM

You can get the Desert Fossil AKM with the Lucky Spin. That offers many different rewards.

You have to spend UC to rotate the wheel. Rotating the wheel the first time in the day costs 10 UC, doing it again will set you back by 60 UC.

If you want to spin the wheel 10 times, you need to spend 540 UC.

The more you spin in the higher your chances are of getting the rare rewards off the wheel.

Besides there are rewards to how many time you will do this. You may have to rotating it many times before you get the new AKM. 

PUBG Mobile devs added a new Lieutenant Parsec Set to the game. That consists of an white armored headgear with the the set.

There’s also a Fission Demolisher Kar98K skin along with the Lieutenant Parsec UAZ, Flashbang, and backpack skin.

Like all crates you have a chance to win these items when you open them.

The more rate item, the less chance of getting it as a drop.

PUBG Mobile Sniper Mastery Challenge

The objective of this new challenge is to “Kill more than 3 enemies with a crossbow & make more than 3 headshots!” Players will have to screenshot the detailed results page and tag the PUBG Mobile Twitter handle. They must also add the #PUBGMSTATS hashtag. The winner of Sniper Mastery Challenge will be able to win a free permanent outfit.

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