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How to Watch YouTube Video Without Ads? – A Simple Trick


  • Watch YouTube video without ads by placing an extra period
  • The extra period needs to be added after '.com'
  • A reddit user claims you can bypass many new sites paywalls with this trick

YouTube is the most-used video streaming platform for anything and everything.

But there is one thing that isn’t really like by everyone that is YouTube ads

YouTube ads sometime is very excessive, with multiple pre-roll ads, long unskippable ads, and so forth.

Util now the best way to get rid of this youtube ads is to switch to YouTube Premium.

In pemium users can watch ad-free videos by paying a subscription of Rs. 169/ month.

For people who aren’t willing to spend, a solution has been found to watch youtube video without ads

But it works if you are using YouTube through your Web browser. 

How to block YouTube ads and watch youtube video without ads?

According to a Reddit user, all you need to do is make a tiny change to the URL of the video you’re watching

It is a simple hack that can be used by people to block ads on YouTube and enjoy a smooth video experience.

  1. Head to YouTube 
  2. Select the video you want to watch
  3. Add the period (.) to the URL after YouTube.com. For example, instead of going for the URL (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RuEJW57vW1Q), go for the URL (https://www.youtube.com./watch?v=RuEJW57vW1Q), and you are good to go

The Redditor explains that this method works because several websites forget to “normalise the hostname.” This essentially means that sites use a different domain to serve ads/ media that does not contain an extra period.

The post says “I had initially assumed that it didn’t work on mobile because the browsers normalised the URL, however this isn’t the case. The redirection happens on the server side. So, if you want this to work on mobile browsers, use the “Request Desktop Site” feature,” 

He also claims that this method works for many news websites serving paywalls.

Of course, skipping ads on YouTube, or bypassing a paywall, is bad for the content creator whose material you are enjoying and so this isn’t a good step to follow for the most part.

With over 4,000 upvotes on Reddit, it’s likely that YouTube already knows people have caught wind of this loophole. The oversight is probably going be corrected sooner rather than later.

The “proper” way of no longer seeing ads is to subscribe to YouTube. Ad revenue partially helps your favorite creators.

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